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Title Furniture and Wooden Material Research Journal
Online ISSN / Print ISSN 2636-8625
Chief Editor Bekir Cihad Bal
Publisher Name Dergipark
Journal Description Furniture and Wooden Material Research Journal (FURMAJ) is the first academic journal that started publishing life on the Dergipark by holding furniture subject in the foreground. For this reason, the researchers working on this field and all readers who are involved in furniture and wood materials is planed to serve . The scope of the Furniture and Wood Material Research Journal are furniture production, furniture design, furniture top surface processing, quality control in furniture production, occupational health and safety in the furniture sector, furniture import and export, survey studies on furniture, computer aided furniture design. In addition, the journal covers wood-based composite materials, wood plastic composites, processing of wood materials, strengthening of wood materials, protection of wood materials, modification of wood materials, and the physical, chemical, mechanical and other technological properties of wooden materials. The journal accepts only research
Organization Contact Details KSU, Teknik Bilimler MYO
Country Turkey
Language Turkish, English
Area Of Specialization Engineering, Furniture, Wooden Materials
Starting Year 2018
Online Availability Yes
Accessibility Free
Content Accessibility Full Text

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