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International Citation Index / International Digital E-Library is designed to provide indexing for the scientific Quality of journals. Publishers may use indexing factor for worldwide access of the journals. The evaluation of the journal is based on the peer review procedure followed by journals which is mentioned in journal website, originality of the article, editorial policy and number of members in editorial board their education, experience, periodicity in publication of research papers, Google Scholar Citations and indexing in other popular websites.

The Impact Factor will be calculated based on addition of the following Evaluation (Minimum 0.5 & Maximum 4.00)

0.5-2.00 +Journal Indexing & Impact Factor (JIIFOIWE) of Other Indexing Websites Evaluation
0.5-3.00 +Journal Total Quality Factor (JTQFE) Evaluation
0.5-4.00 +Journal Regularity Factor (JRFE) Evaluation
0.5-3.00 +Journal Popularity Factor (JPFE) Evaluation (no. of visits on website)
0.5-4.00 +Journal Technical Quality Factor (JTQFE) Evaluation
0.5-4.00 +Journal Citation Factor (JCFE) Evaluation (Google Scholar only)
0.5-2.00 +Journal Editorial Quality Factor (JEQFE) Evaluation
0.5-3.00 +Journal Originality Factor (JOFE) Evaluation (to check duplicate papers)
0.5-3.00 + Number of Article Published (NAPE) Evaluation

International Citation Index Impact Factor is an addition of = (JIIFOIWE)+ (JTQFE)+ (JRFE)+ (JPFE)+ (JTQFE) +(JCFE)+ (JEQFE)+ (JOFE)+ (NAPE)

Note:- International Citation Index do not Provide/ Evaluate Impact Factor for the Print
journals. Publisher/Journals Website is the Primary Source for collection of information to check all the details of the Journal and based on that our companies calculate Impact Factor. No publisher / Journal can claim this impact factor totally based on number of citation in a paper. Google Scholar citation is just one of the factor for calculating impact factor. The impact factor is based on the above parameters only.

Important Note - For evaluating regional / foreign language journals - We are unable to check scientific quality & citation evaluation parameters of such journals/papers. Except Scientific quality & citation parameter, on the basis of other factors impact factor & indexing allots.

International Citation Index is not Liable in case of any false information displaying about Journals on website by publisher.

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We provide user name login & password to publisher for uploading & indexing your journals all papers. We perform the in-depth analysis method. The acceptance and rejection rates of journals can be a determining factor.

Our aim is to increase visibility of indexed journal to International and National level Researcher. All indexed journals would get more popularity through web searches and social media, Online Libraries, University Libraries, Research Databases. International E-Library / International Citation Index will provide International accessibility to research publication. It is a one stop international platform to new, established & emerging publishers, researchers and readers.

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